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Wealth Creation

Wealth Creation

Working to together to construct and implement your investment portfolio.

Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Protection against financial risk, plus advanced investment vehicles.

Wealth Preservation

Wealth Preservation

Representing many of Canada's Top Rated Insurance Companies we can customize what is best for you.

Business Solutions

Business Solutions

Mitigating risk for business owners. Employee retirement and benefits.


As a Certified Financial Planner with over 20 years of experience, I provide comprehensive and integrated wealth management services to businesses and their employees, professionals and individuals.

I am licensed to offer the following services:

  • mutual funds
  • life insurance, critical illness, extended health insurance
  • disability insurance, travel insurance

I also provide advice on tax planning and comprehensive financial planning. Canfin Financial Group services are comprehensive because creating wealth, distributing wealth, managing and preserving wealth cannot be done in isolation. A full 360-degree perspective is required to ensure that success in one area does not conflict with another. We use an integrated approach in all our engagements because when it comes to the creation, distribution, preservation and management of wealth there are no easy answers, and may involve other highly skilled individuals to work collaboratively with us to develop custom-tailored solutions based on the unique circumstances of our clients.

To help you achieve your goals, I am committed to life-long learning and professional development. I will provide you with a "qualified approach to wealth creation, wealth preservation, wealth distribution and management!"


What are your priorities?

How often have you heard others say, "I can't find the balance between my personal life and work" or " I don't feel in control of my life."

Determine what is important and set goals to do it. A balance between work and your personal life is essential.

The 6 step process to helping you to achieve your personal goals.

1)  Identify your values and goals.

2) Establish financial objectives.

3) Gather, process and analyze relevant information. 

4) Develop a financial plan.

5) Implement the plan.

6) Monitor the plan and make changes if necessary.

George's unique value proposition is to provide trusted financial counsel in planning a financial roadmap to achieve your significant values and goals.